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 My 2nd character: Tenkei Hyuuga

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PostSubject: My 2nd character: Tenkei Hyuuga   Tue Oct 07, 2008 1:34 pm

Name: Tenkei Hyuuga



Village: N/A (former Konohagakure)

Ninja Rank: Missing-Nin/Med-Nin (former Chuunin/Med-Nin)

Clan: Hyuuga (/Uchiha)

Looks: Long dark jet black hair; white eyes; average height for a teenager. Took off and threw away his Konoha headband, and wrapped his forehead with a linen wrap to cover his branch seal.

Personality: Stoic, focused on his goal to become a better med nin than the 5th hokage.

Special Characteristics: Sharingan and Byakugan; Green Shousen Chakra

Current Sharingan capacity:


byakugan being defective (cannot see in 360 degrees. [maybe about 160, forward]; range is halfed; ability to see through objects needs concentration.
Sharingan potential reaching only 2 tomoe in each eye. First set can track movement, second copies jutsu, movement, etc. (3 set would be the complete hypnosis, and anticipation abilites exhibited in a Whole Sharingan in a fullblood Uchiha). A Mangekyou like state, more like a Whole Sharingan, its hypnosis and anticipation abilities gained. as well as the ability to see the rotational flow of chakra (e.g. the direction of their scalp). This Mangekyou-like state can only be induced when tenkei learns to use his Sharingan and Byakugan in tandem.

Elements:Lightning and Earth

Skills/Specialties: (Main) Medical Arts and (Sub) Taijutsu [Juuken]


Dokunuki - Poison Removal
Rank: B
Dokunuki is a skill used by medical ninja to remove harmful poisons from a patient's body. The ninja will infuse their chakra into liquid, which they will insert into the patient. They will then use the liquid as a medium to draw out the poison from the cells. This mix can then be removed from the body. Depending on the deadliness of the poison, further treatment with an antidote or medicine may be required. Usually Tenkei requires the liquid to be a general antigen against poisons, but when he gets his 'MS' he can use water.

Chakra no Mesu - Chakra Scalpel
Rank: C
Chakra no Mesu is a special Ninjutsu technique used by medical ninjas. After forming the needed handseals, the ninja will focus chakra to their hands. When their charged hands reach the body of their target, they can extend the chakra internally into the targets body to cut and neatly slice their muscles and blood vessels without harming the surface skin. This technique can be used in battle, but because of its hectic nature, the fine precision required for an instant kill is not feasible. Damage can still be done to the vital organs, but the technique should be used carefully in battle.

Chikatsu Saisei no Jutsu - Healing Resuscitation Regeneration
Rank: A
Chikatsu Saisei is an advanced medical Ninjutsu technique. The technique allows the medical ninja to use the hair of the one injured as a medium to reconstruct damaged body tissue. The extent of the damage will control how difficult and long the procedure is. The injured person will be placed in the center of a square marked with rites for the procedure. One medical ninja will sit at each corner to provide precise chakra control to help in the cell conversion process. Another medical ninja will sit at the lead to guide the process. If Tenkei has the Shyaringan (Sharingan+byakugan) active another med-nin isn't required.

Inyu Shometsu - Secret Healing Injury Destruction
Rank: A
Inyu Shometsu is a healing Ninjutsu technique. Focusing ones chakra to an area to be hit, one can begin the cell creation process the moment the area becomes injured.

Chidori - Thousand Birds
Rank: A
Chidori (a.k.a. Raikiri) is a Ninjutsu technique developed by Hatake Kakashi utilizing the Lightning Element. Chidori allows him to cut through any foe. Later, Uchiha Sasuke used his Sharingan and the training of Kakashi to also learn the technique. It was given the nickname Raikiri after it was said Kakashi used the technique to cut a lightning bolt in two. Chidori is used for assassination purposes. Activating the body to focus chakra to the hand, Kakashi and Sasuke's hand become enveloped by an electrical force. This force is their chakra altered in nature to an electrical current. By altering the shape of the force, similar to an electrical discharge, they can decide the power and range of the attack.

Chidori Eisou - Thousand Birds Sharp Spear
Rank: A
Chidori Eisou is a Lightning Element technique developed by Uchiha Sasuke. Sasuke is able to shape the Lightning Element to form an extending blade of lightning. Though unstated, this blade probably takes on Chidori's characteristics, including it's ability to cut through anything which stands in its path, allowing the sword to strike its target with ease. This attack may also be similar to Chidori Nagashi, causing the target to go numb from the electrical charge.

Chidori Nagashi - Thousand Birds Current
Rank: A
Chidori Nagashi is a Ninjutsu technique developed by Uchiha Sasuke out of the original Chidori technique. Instead of merely focusing the electrical force to his body, Sasuke is able to extend it outside of his body and through objects which he is holding. This allows him to create a protective zone around his person. This zone of electricity can shock and immobilize his foes, presumably by attacking their nervous system.

Chidori Senbon - Thousand Birds Needles
Rank: A
Chidori Senbon is a Lightning Element technique developed by Uchiha Sasuke. Sasuke is able to shape the Lightning Element to form senbon. Though unstated, these needles probably takes on Chidori's characteristics, including it's ability to cut through most anything which stands in its path.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summoning
Rank: Unknown
Tenkei summons a kit containing exstensive first aide kit as well as tags to set up a sterilized area.

Shousen no Jutsu
Rank: N/A
Shousen no Jutsu allows medical ninja to heal wounds by creating a healing chakra in their hands. If the ninja is highly skilled, they are able to heal more critical injuries. In the anime, when the chakra is used it takes on a green color.

Hakkeshou Kaiten - Eight Divination Palms of the Hand, Heavenly Spin
Rank: Special Clan Jutsu
Hakkeshou Kaiten is a Taijutsu technique unique to the Hyuuga bloodline using the Jyuuken. Kaiten is a special technique passed down through the main family line. Kaiten takes advantage of several of the unique abilities of the Byakugan eye. Byakugan gives the clan member an almost complete 360 degree view of their surroundings. This allows the member to see all angles of attack.
If an attack is near, the clan member will release a large of amount of chakra from their tenketsu. The member then begins to spin like a top, creating a whirling vortex that can nullify almost any attack.

Hakke Kuushou - Eight Divination Signs Air Palm
Rank: Special Clan Jutsu
Hakke Kuushou is a ranged Taijutsu technique utilized by the Hyuuga. Extending chakra from ones body, the user will thrust his palm at his target. This will send out an invisible wave of chakra that can knock his opponent back. It is unknown if this wave can also collapse his target's tenketsu points.

History/Background Story: Lives with his mother in the village outskirts, his father was an uchiha that died on a mission a long time ago.Recently activated 1 tomoe sharingan in his eyes when Hyuuga ninja started harrassing his mother while they toyed with him. Thinking their was a deffincy with his chakra circulatory system, Tenkei sought to become the best medical ninja in the whole village of Konoha. After the destruction of Konoha by what turned out to be Akatsuki Tenkei fled the village becoming a missing-nin. After being on the run for awhile he began to take any mission he could get, selling his medical skills to the highest bidder in order to get money and to further his skills as a med nin. Ever since the destruction of Konoha, Tenkei hasn't activated his sharingan for fear that he would be captured killed and disected to find out the secrets of his shyaringan. And has been on the look out for Hunter nin from Kumogakure.

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PostSubject: Re: My 2nd character: Tenkei Hyuuga   Tue Oct 07, 2008 2:15 pm

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My 2nd character: Tenkei Hyuuga
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