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PostSubject: Template   Sun Jul 13, 2008 6:48 pm




Village: (What village are you from...missing ninja would put ex-their village. ex: Ex-Konoha)

Ninja Rank: (what level ninja are you, academy student- ANBU)

Clan Name: (only if your family has a kekkai genkai, other wise put N/A)

Clan History: (Any important information about your families past)

Physical appearance: (picture or description)


Special Characteristics: (Kekkai Genkai, curse marks)

Elements: (Fire, Earth, Water, Lightning, Air.) [Academy students have no element, Genin-Jounin have two elements and Kage and Sannin have three elements. Jounin Rank or higher can combine their elements but each jutsu of combined elements counts towards 1 jutsu for both elements. All non-elemental jutsu count as one of each of you elements as well with exception to the starting 6 jutsu]

Skills/Specialties:(Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Weaponry or Medical)

Jutsu (list the jutsu your character knows above D-Rank jutsu.)[genin can use 10 jutsu of their element. Chunin and higher can use 15 jutsu of each element they have. Kage and Sannin can use 25 jutsu of their elements.]

(these jutsu are starting jutsu for Academy Students and as such any ninja can use them)

Body Replacement Technique (Kawarimi no Jutsu)
This jutsu lets the user quickly switch places with another nearby object, such as a plant (normally a section of a log), an animal, or even another person within reach, leaving the opponent open to a counter-attack. Explosive tags can be attached to the replacement for an added surprise. Fundamentally, all ninja know this technique.

Cloak of Invisibility Technique (Kakuremino no Jutsu)
This jutsu allows a ninja to take a cloak or a piece of cloth and blend into an object, making themselves invisible.

Clone Technique (Bunshin no Jutsu)
This technique creates a clone of the user, but it is an illusion, not a real copy like the Shadow Clone Technique. The illusions will dissipate when they come into contact with anything. A person with normal eyes can distinguish clones from the original if they watch very carefully.

Exploding Tag: Activate (Jibaku Fuda: Kassei)
Utilizing chakra, a ninja is able to activate the explosion mechanism of a distant bomb tag.

Projectile Weapons (Tobidogu)
In order to store and use large items or various weapons that the user would never be capable of carrying normally, the user can keep them contained within summoning scrolls.

Rope Escape Technique (Nawanuke no Jutsu)
A basic technique taught at the Ninja academy, this jutsu allows a ninja to free themselves if they have been tied up.


Summons: (Each summon must have a name, title [such as gammabunta's title of boss frog] physical description or picture and a description of their powers. Shinobi under the rank of chunin can't use summonings.)


History/Background Story: (give some info about your characters past)
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