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 Bleach How to (The story so far)

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Ryoushi Hanshou

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PostSubject: Bleach How to (The story so far)   Sun Jul 13, 2008 6:28 pm

It is 500 years after the Canon story and the world has changed. Humans have become aware of Soul Reapers and Hollows and are now fighting back against the Hollows. The amount of humans with Spiritual powers has increased substantially and new technology allows humans to fight even without spiritual powers, though the number of humans using technology to combat the Hollows is much lower then the number of spiritual humans due to high costs to make the tech.

Basic Human Tech

Hollow Glasses - These are special sunglasses that allow humans without spiritual powers to see creatures made of Reishi such as Hollows and Soul Reapers. These glasses also channel sound vibrations along the arms of the glasses allowing the person wearing them to hear the Hollows and Soul Reapers as well.

Side-Arm Beam - The most basic of weapons for Humans to use against Hollows. It is a special pistol that fires a concentration of light in the form of a laser. This laser is similar to the arrows that quincy use and can destroy most weak hollows.

Long-Ranged Beam - Similar to the Side-Arm Beam, this weapon resembles a sniper rifle. It is much more powerful but has less ammunition, only being able to fire about three times before needing to be reloaded. It is also not a practical weapon for close ranged combat.

Reishi Sabre - similar to the quincy weapon, the Seele Schneider. Instead of drawing in random Reiatsu from the air in converts electricity to a Reiatsu output. As such it has a very low battery life and can only be used for a maximum of 10 minutes before the battery dies (about one fight)

Reishi Grenade - This grenade is similar to the Sprenger attack used by the quincy. It uses compacted Reishi that when detonated explodes apart and rips beings made of Spiritual energy (such as Hollows and Soul Reaper) apart, causing minimal damage to humans.

Each weapon is allowed to customized to an extent (e.g. Like converting a reishi saber to run on Nuclear Power, that would make last practically indefinitely and it would be huge.)

Soul Reaper Basics

Soul Reapers who score low enough on the RP sample test must go to the Academy for Soul Reapers. There they learn different things such as kido and Zanjutsu (Swordplay). Each class must post a certain number of paragraphs to learn new Kido or learn their Zanpakuto's name.

Kido leasons.

Hado Numbers 1-25: 2-3 paragraphs
Hado Numbers 26-50: 5-7 Paragraphs
Hado Numbers 51-75: 9-12 Paragraphs
Hado Numbers 76-100: 15 Paragraphs or more.

Bakudo Numbers 1-25: 1 Paragraph
Bakudo Numbers 26-50: 3-5 Paragraphs
Bakudo Numbers 51-75: 7-9 Paragraphs
Bakudo Numbers 76-100: 12 Paragraphs or more.

Kido Training can be done in more then one post and can be done in the academy or your barracks if your in the Gotei 13. Using Kido up to 1-50 can be used by those who are not skilled in Kido but they must recite the entire incantation before casting the Kido.

Zanpakuto Training (must be done in one post, exception of Ban-kai)

To learn you Zanpakutos name (Academy members): 5 Paragraphs
Shi-kai (Lieutenants start with Shi-kai and can skip this): 10 Paragraphs
Ban-Kai (Captains start with Ban-kai and can skip this): 25 Paragraphs (can be broken down into multiple posts)

Hand-to-hand Combat Training (must for squad 2 members)

Beginner level: 1-3 Paragraphs
Moderate level: 4-6 Paragraphs
Expert level: 7-9 Paragraphs
Master level: 10 or more Paragraphs

Agility Training/Shunpo Training (must for squad 6)

Shunpo basic level: 3-5 Paragraphs
Shunpo Moderate level: 6-8 Paragraphs
Shunpo Expert level (Byakuya): 9-11 Paragraphs
Shunpo Master level (Ichigo or Yoruichi): 15 + paragraphs

Hollow Powers

Bala (Vasto Lorde or higher): 5-7 Paragraphs
Cero (Gillian or higher): 5-7 Paragraphs
Sonido (Ajuchas or higher): 10-12 Paragraphs
Grand Ray Cero (Espada only): 15 + Paragraphs

Espada start with all of these except Grand Ray cero. Vizards are able to use Cero, Bala and Sonido although they are better with Shunpo then Sonido.
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Bleach How to (The story so far)
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