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 Naruto How to (The story so far)

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Ryoushi Hanshou

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PostSubject: Naruto How to (The story so far)   Sun Jul 13, 2008 4:59 pm

It is currently 500 years after the canon story and the world is on the verge of another ninja war. The Leaf village has been able to keep the peace so far but with a new enemy rising to reform Akatsuki the peace my not last. Missing ninja are wandering more freely and missions are becoming more dangerous as tensions build. The Leaf and the Sand villages are still allies but even that bond is beginning to break.

Note: There will be no custom Chidori or Rasengan.

1) When creating a new jutsu you must wait for it to be approved. After it is approved that does not mean you know that jutsu. you must train in the Training Grounds of your village for a time depending on the level of jutsu. If you use shadow clones in your training you can remove one paragraph for every 5 clones..

D-Rank jutsu: 1 paragraph
C-Rank jutsu: 3-6 paragraphs
B-Rank jutsu: 5-8 paragraphs
A-Rank jutsu: 7-10 paragraphs
S- Rank jutsu: 10 paragraphs or more.

Missing ninja can make a topic for there training in any area other then one of the Five great ninja villages.

These paragraphs do not have to be done in one post. You may leave the area and come back later to finish. (D-Rank jutsu must be done in one post)

2) When creating any custom ninja tool, including weapons, pets or poison, you must wait for it to be approved and graded. When a moderator or admin grades the ninja tool you must post at least so many paragraphs of waiting time before you can use the weapon.

A-Rank tools: 5 Paragraphs
B-Rank tools: 3 Paragraphs
C-Rank tools: 1 Paragraph

3)Most poisons are not instant working poison. You must wait for the poison to take effect depending on the level of the poison.

S-Rank poison: Instant
A-Rank poison: 1 post
B-Rank poison: 3 posts
C-Rank poison: 5 posts

These posts are counted by the person effected by the poison.

4) If you apply for a bijuu you have to knock off 1 jutsu for your app per tail with a max of 9 (for kyuubi) This only applies to characters who make their character at the same time as they apply for a bijuu (e.g. if they want to make a character w/a bijuu sealed in them.

5)If you have a bijuu and don't use its power you have the bijuu unsealed and your character will die. However special circumstances apply (e.g. A YOUNG ninja who has no idea it seald in him/her from birth.)

6) Using your bijuu is dangerous and shouldn't be used in every fight....this would kinda attract attention from other ninja villages, as they see Bijuu as TOOLS OF WAR
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Naruto How to (The story so far)
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