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 lucahrio clan

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narutah lucahrioh


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PostSubject: lucahrio clan   Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:38 pm

clan name:lucahrio clan
CLAN HISTIORY:they have lived in the forst of the hidden leaf village for years they can see peoples aura and can talk to animals the all have animal pets(narutah's pet is riaku have a very distance past they realy dont have friends but they can hold there on they are usualy shy and outside all the time they can use aura in there justus and make it stronger narutah is a outsider to his clan he was popular in his clan with all the girls the clans pets an use aura as well and have 3 forms small,normal,and demon
THEY HAVE I ALLIE THE INUZUKA CLAN they are quiet and will attack if they feel threaten narutah is they oppiste of his clan but he still loves it they are the masters of animal justu theyr strongets justu the man beast power fuses both animal and human to gether as there fusion for they can fly have intens speed and strength and can breath under water when the justu were of they take a lone time to recharge
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lucahrio clan
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