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 Unnamed Story: Intro

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PostSubject: Unnamed Story: Intro   Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:35 am

Zanten, a boy with no known past. He was 18 years old and has traveled far, looking for his family. Never has he found one thing to remind him of his past.
Zanten's hair was black and spiky, going down to his neck. He wore
silver and back clothing, made to allow him to move fast. He had dark red piercing eyes that made him look quite evil.

The closest thing Zanten has ever had to family was his best friend, the 17 year old Kotoshiru. She had gorgeous long brown hair, going down to her knees, fitting perfectly with her baby blue eyes. She wore a white and gold kimono that shows her religion and telling people that she was holy.

Zanten and Kotoshiru had been friends ever since Zanten had turned 16 and visited Kotoshiru's village, while she was 15. He had ended up at her village, unconscious and dressed in blood. The church was the only one to take him in, as he looked like a demon and everyone was scared. Kotoshiru cared for Zanten when he was unconscious. She had given him a clean set of clothes while they washed his bloody clothes and she was the only one of the church that protested on purifying him and releasing him as a demon, as she saw the true person inside him. Zanten had woke, and I shall start our story from here...

If you liked the first chapter, please post here, I will post the second chapter in another topic and I will post the entire story in one topic.

NOTE: This story may not be continued, if you don't like the story so far... too bad, you haven't seen anything yet, this will be an interesting mixture of a bunch of different genres and it shall turn out very good. If you want to be added into the story... I might just consider it...

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Unnamed Story: Intro
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