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 Inuzuka Manaika

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PostSubject: Inuzuka Manaika   Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:34 am

Name: Manaika Inuzuka / Dog: Biyoku

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Village: Ex- Konohagakure

Rank: Missing-nin

Clan: Inuzuka

Quotes: "There are two kinds of people in this world...people who fight me and lose and people who don't fight me at all..."


Personality: Calm, but and will do anything(literally anything) to be the best. When angry or exited Manaika will go berserk. She enjoys staying hidden most of the time, but when an opportunity for her to show she's the best come along she becomes an attention magnet. Most people despise Manaika because of what she did to her family and she doesn't have any friends.

Biyoku: Manaika'sNin-Ken(Ninja Pet). He is very lazy and always hungry, but when in action he get powerful and exited. The Konohagakure people are frightened of the very large dog with an even larger tail because he accompanies manaika most of his time.

Special Characteristics: Like all Inuzuka, can talk to her Nin-Ken. Kumori's curse seal. She has a tattoo on the palm of her right hand. The tattoo looks like this.

Elements: Fire, Wind

Skills/ Specialty: Weaponry, Ninjutsu

Weapons: The only weapon Manaika beholds is a Special katana made from the fangs of several dogs she found and killed to make herself stronger.The fangs are tightly held together by a string. In the hilt is held more string to
make the katana into a whip in her jutsus. The katana is very important in here jutsus.

Bunshen No Jutsu - Replication Technique
Rank E
~ The ninja creates a replica of themselves. The replica disappears on contact but can be useful in causing distractions or setting up complex attack maneuvers.

Kiwarimi No Jutsu - Replacement Technique
Rank E
~Changes the ninja's position with a nearby in-animate object. Usually a section of log. Higher skilled people can exchange themselves with another person or other such things. Useful for dodging techniques.

Henge No Jutsu - Immitation Technique
Rank E
~The ninja creates the illusion that they are another person or object. Can be dispelled by the Kai technique.

Fang Whip Technique
Rank E
~Manaika uses chakara to loosen the grip on the string holding the fangs together making the sword a whip.

Burning Fang Technique
Rank D
~Manaika uses her chakara to ignite the fangs on her whip on fire so whatever the fangs touch will burn.

Magic Whip Technique
Rank D
~Manaika uses chakara to make the whip move or extend into different positions. It can usually extend to a length of 10 feet. Can only be used after fang whip technique.

Fang Armor Technique
Rank D
~After her Magic Whip Jutsu Manaika can wrap the whip around some objects making a sheild of fangs around it which very few things can penetrate.(Usually used on items or enemies so that they can't move or break out.) This jutsu is used to hold enemies still or grab things manaika might want closer to her. Not to be used on allies unless she wants to bind them still or pull them closer.

History/Backround: When she was 8 years old she found Biyoku as a puppy. At 10 she noticed that her family was getting stronger than her. She loved her family but didn't care for the dogs. During the night she snuck into her brothers and parents rooms and severely injured their dogs. Since then she has lived by herself in the village only accompanied by Biyoku. Most places in Konohagakure won't let her in or near it. Luckily the school does. Recently she really wants to be a missing-nin, but can't because her family always has a close watch on her and Biyoku. Every once in a while she hides in the trees and just rests.
Very currently she became a missing-nin in training and is Kumori's apprentice.

RolePlaying Sample: As she sat next to her loyal dog she panted from the battle she just finished. " I guess that wasn't to hard. I think we can still get out of here..."
' Hey stop denying the truth... that was really hard.' Barked the dog panting also.
" Well we're alive and they died so it wasn't hard." Manaika made a half-smile at her little joke. " Come on... lets loot the body and get outta here. If we stay too long we might get caught. " She stop panting and stuck her ear up like a dog and widened her eyes. "Quickly run!" She whispered to her companion. As they fled the area Manaika knew she would have to go back to training with her sensei.
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Ryoushi Hanshou

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PostSubject: Re: Inuzuka Manaika   Mon Jul 14, 2008 2:00 am

copy and paste your RP sample in the testing area.

Hint: you might want to make it a little longer, this will increase your chances of getting a better rank. Dont control NPC characters as this will lower your rank. I will however, make an exception for your dog as he is a Ninja Tool as well as a pet.


Ryoushi Hanshou. Hokage and medical specialist.
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Inuzuka Manaika
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