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 I might be more active....

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Toshiro Azibara Kazura


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PostSubject: I might be more active....   Sat Sep 27, 2008 7:44 pm

I might be more active on the forum with something to do, maybe to help the forum a bit. I made a few forums, not so good, but decent enough, it's a great site here with the banner and such, the great detail on everything here. But i really want to feel more useful on the site.

I might be more active, or not, depends. Razz

For the love of your family, For the love of your clan, for your loved ones, Protect them no matter what, for they are precious to you, only some, may survive, some may not, so cherish each moment with your family, and hope, they'll be there tomorrow.

-Toshiro Kazura-
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I might be more active....
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