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 Baku and some magic

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PostSubject: Baku and some magic   Sat Sep 06, 2008 1:40 am

Baku was walking around outside his village, ready to train. He was thinking to try and train his Fire illusion Genjutsu. He performed some handsigns and the tree in front of him looked like it was on fire. Obviously because there was no target to use it on he just used it on himself sort of. The tree looked like it was on fire, but it wasn't being consumed. He tried a little harder trying to change this error that had come upon his jutsu. Suddenly Baku felt something. There was something or someone in the tree behind him. As he thought it was one of his kin Baku pulled out eight sulfur senbon needles. Four in each hand. He was ready to throw the senbon and light it right after, waiting for this opponent to move towards him or show that they are not bad.

Baku: Yuuchou: Manaika:
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Baku and some magic
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