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 Kasabana Taiyou

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Most Useless Arrancar

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PostSubject: Kasabana Taiyou   Sat Sep 06, 2008 12:38 am

Kasabana(Kasi=nickname) walked through a corridor of the Gotei 13 building. She ended up outside, the sun shining in her eyes. She continued to slowly walk around the Seireitei looking around casually at people. "Man the captain sure is having me do a lot of work today... being in squad 12 sure is hard work." Kasi looked around at the people around her again, once again noticing how tall everyone was compared to her. Then again, she was a young age in appearance when she joined the 13 guard squads. Kasi walked around the border of the Seireitei. Many time she did this. Eventually she got quite tired and looked up at the sky. "Wow... I never usually see the sky at night... it's so bright." Kasi said while slightly panting from walking around so many times. She was extremely drowsy and almost fell asleep while standing there. "It's to bad that Captain makes me go to sleep so early." She said to herself. Suddenly she just fell, her back to the borders of the Seireitei. The next thing she knew, she was in her bed. 'How did I get here, I thought I was outside.' She thought. Next to her bed was a note. It read: 'Kasi, Kasi, Kasi, now do you now why you go to bed so early.' She obviously knew it was her captain, she blushed a bit and put the note away. Now as her job as lieutenant, she had to get to the science lab immediately. She picked up her Zanpakuto which was a little to big for her and strapped it on her back. She ran to the science lab with no time to spare.

(Note: I'm aiming for Lieutenant.)

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PostSubject: Re: Kasabana Taiyou   Mon Sep 08, 2008 3:33 am

Spelling good, length is good enough for a lieutenant, detail was nice.....only problem was to many comas, but Im not going to hold that against you. SO you get a B. Congrats you can make a lieutenant.
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Kasabana Taiyou
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