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 Bakudan Kurimuson

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PostSubject: Bakudan Kurimuson   Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:00 pm

Bakudan sat on a cliff edge, staring at a whirlpool in the ocean. Under his breath he muttered, "Brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins. When I find you, you shall pay for what you have done to this family. You shall pay for what you have done to Iwagakure. And you shall pay for what you have done to this world. You have a way to change science and Biology, so why use it for evil. If you are to use your ability use it for knowledge, or for good." He looked up towards the star lit sky and a tear crept down his face. "I know that it was my family that has done bad. So I will do what the others have failed to do." Baku threw a rock into the whirlpool, still sitting in the water, spinning around fiercely. He walked away from the cliff and back into the village. When he made it through the village, to the mines, where the village gathered sulfur, he chipped off a bunch of pieces and stuffed them in his bag. Baku walked back to the village and grabbed a box of matches from his house. Walking into the desert, Baku started to think, 'I am not strong enough. I must get better. I must reach the rank of Jounin and kill my kin. I must be the best, sane Kurimuson member ever to set foot in Iwagakure.' "I am Bakudan Kurimuson, the Crimson Illusionist!!!" Baku yelled into the wide open fields of rocks. As he spoke, he pulled out a piece of sulfur which immediately turned to liquid. He pulled out the matches and lit the liquid while it was falling. As soon as he lit it and said his last word he jumped back, a giant explosion in front of him. As the smoke cleared away, there was a large crater in the ground. He walked into the crater and found the deeply singed match that he dropped into the liquid. "I am not strong enough, if I can only do this with a big amount of sulfur, I will never be able to make a big affect on opponents or their boundaries." Baku dropped a kunai on the ground. "Now for some more fun training. Gates of control!" Baku performed some handsigns and pushed the kunai around with his jutsu.He smiled for the first time that day, he was impressed that he could control it so quickly and had just learned it a half a year ago. "I might not be ready now, but I will be ready when I become a jounin." Baku said, quite happy with his skills.

(Note: I'm aiming for chuunin.)

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PostSubject: Re: Bakudan Kurimuson   Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:08 pm

Iight I'll give you a C
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Bakudan Kurimuson
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