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 The Last Man Standing

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PostSubject: The Last Man Standing   Tue Sep 02, 2008 8:22 am

Hitori Stomped Through the halls of the E.H.S. Base he was wandering around becuase he had nowhere to be he had already today dispatched a group of Hollows, and also helped stop a street fight. but since everyone but him and his droids were killedabout a month ago the Base had a sort of Empty feel to it. Hitori didn't mind, what he did think was wrong was on how peacful it was. Normally there was somthign going on at all times but not now. it was a akward calm before a storm Hitori knew this. he finally grew tired and wnet to his room. upon getting to his room Hitori got out his armor and weapons, he began meticously cleaning them all.

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The Last Man Standing
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