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 An Inuzuka house (solo rp no posting)

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PostSubject: An Inuzuka house (solo rp no posting)   Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:43 pm

Manaika walked into her former house in the middle of the night. Almost all of her family was asleep. Her younger brother was still awake in his room. Manaika walked into his room with a finger against her lips. She walked forward nervously watching her brother brother shake with fear, his dog, Nemuri, on the ground asleep. "Hello, brother. I've missed you." Manaika said in a tone she doesn't normally use. "Are you afraid of me or did you just think I was dead. You aren't so bad compared to mom and dad. You were too young to try and kick me out of the family." Manaika looked at the dog on the ground. "Nemuri seems to be doing well. You might be able to train to be strong enough to run out into being a missing-nin like me. Biyoku is doing fine." Her younger brother flinched at the name of her dog. Manaika left the room to go to her parents room. Her mother wasn't there. Manaika woke her father up. "Hello, father. Where'd mom go?" Her father explained to her that her mother had been assassinated out on the streets. Manaika's eyes teared slightly and her father finally woke up completely and told her to leave the house right after giving her a small hug. Manaika left the house a little happier that her family knew she was alive and now she was ready to pick Biyoku up from Haru.
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An Inuzuka house (solo rp no posting)
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