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 haru suzki test II

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PostSubject: haru suzki test II   Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:37 pm

Haru walked out onto a grassy field. Her light sliver eyes looked around upon the flowers that covered the field. She had begun to walk around the flowers lightly whipped at her feet, as she looked at the trees surrounding the field. "This should be a good enough place" she thought to herself as she begun to take a deep breath. She blew out slowly as she took another deep breath. Haru’s chest rising and falling slowly as she released the breath.

She could feel the air around her blowing her long silver hair as she smiled a dangerous smile. she closed her eyes and took another deep suspenseful breath " Fuuton • Great Breakthrough" she said as she felt the chakra following threw her, the chakra rising from her lungs and into her throat as she held in for a moment, then twisting around she opened her mouth the wind blew furiously blowing her hair back and the flower petals everywhere knocking over a few small trees knocking them into some bigger trees. She smiled. “That was amazing” she said as she turned on her heals and begun walking through the flower petals.
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PostSubject: Re: haru suzki test II   Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:59 pm

Ok, this gets a B (although it is still very short, you went into detail very well. No spelling/grammar mistakes)....WEll with a B you can make an academy student, genin, chunnin, tokubetsu jounin, jounin or ANBU....Have fun; use the template.....
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haru suzki test II
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