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 Ototon - Chi Oto no jutsu (Sound Release ~ Bloody Sound Technique ) haru long training II [this is what happenes when your bord]

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PostSubject: Ototon - Chi Oto no jutsu (Sound Release ~ Bloody Sound Technique ) haru long training II [this is what happenes when your bord]   Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:10 pm

Haru walked into the training ground. "If they want me to train, then I will train" she said as she looked around. She took a stance one foot not too far from the other foot as she aimed a kick at a tree the bark flying off of it.

She took another hit to the tree as she smiled. "I will train to become strong" she said as she clenched her fist hard. "I will!" she cried out as she hit the tree with her hand bark flying off. She blinked "that felt weird" she said looking down at her hand.

She clenched it shut then re-opened it. "I wonder" she said as she closed her eyes she could feel the chakra flowing inside her. I like this feeling... i like this feeling a lot she thought to herself as she swung her fist. The tree cracked and tumbled to the ground. She opened her eyes.

"What was that?" she said as she looked around she walked up to the tree. The way it was cracked showed cracks larger to smaller in it, like sound waves had hit it. She blinked standing up she looked around closing her fist then reopening she took another step back and closed her eyes.

"Again" she said to herself as she closed her fist. She could feel the chakra following threw it. She aimed again this time opening her fist as the tree cracked and fell knocking into more trees. "” she muttered to herself as she took a deep breath.

she closed her fist building up the chakra as she took and aim "Ototon - Chi Oto no jutsu" she screamed as she opened her fist and when it made contact it knocked the tree back knocking into others leaving a bit of a dent in the wooded area of the training ground.

"I ...did... it" she said smiling. "i grow stronger each day" she said as she begun to practice more. "But I can’t stop here" she said building up the chakra and hitting the tree again, this time harder. She blinked as she built up the chakra.

"Finale round" she said as she punched the ground. The grass blew in different directions the sound waves carving into the ground. "Each time I use it I’ll get stronger, but i can't over do it, that’s pointless" she said to herself as she walked off.

[Ototon - Chi Oto no jutsu (Sound Release ~ Bloody Sound Technique )
- The User Forms A huge amount of Chakra in their fists and when a punch is thrown the hands release it in the form of Tremendous sound waves that spreads out through the area. Mainly Travels through the air so it don't leave a trail that it is coming. When the sound Impacts the foe they will lose the ability to hear for a while and it will cause them to bleed out of the ear.
- Handseals: Bird, Dragon, Ox, Dragon
- Rank: B
- Effect: Causes the foe to lose hearing for 5 posts so it will be harder for them to evade attacks // 75% Chakra Drain // 150% dmg user the clone will dispearse and send high sound waves at the victim
- Note: Travels at 500 speed]
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Ototon - Chi Oto no jutsu (Sound Release ~ Bloody Sound Technique ) haru long training II [this is what happenes when your bord]
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