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 Raikyuu - Lightning Ball- haru's training

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PostSubject: Raikyuu - Lightning Ball- haru's training   Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:04 pm

haru walked into the woods boarding the training ground. her eyes closed she took in a deep breath opening them slowly she begun to walk around. the wind blew slightly as she looked around when she heard a small crack of a branch.

she knew something was there as she quickly turned darting off in the dirction of the noise as she removed two kunia from her weapon pouch. she get this jutsu right no matter what this time. she ran picking up pace she could hear the creatcher moveing.

it wasnt too big maybe a fox at the biggest creatcher. she darted even faster as a small red fox came into vission. she moved a bit faster the tree around her a blurr as she closed her eyes for a second re-opeing them she held the kunia in her hands one her in her right the other in her left as she followed the fox. trapping it between rocks and herself.

"sorry little one but your dead" she said as she consentrated hard the chakara following threw her she took another breath as she hit the senban togther causeing a spark between them. she hit them again as a ball of lighting started to form.

she raised the kunia the ball of lighting between them as she thrusted it forward it instantly hit the fox who tried to doge. causeing it to hit the rock wall behind it a small crack in the rock from the lighting she smiled looking at the fox. "sorry again you were just an practing tool."
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Raikyuu - Lightning Ball- haru's training
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