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 Attack of Opportunity

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Ryoushi Hanshou

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PostSubject: Attack of Opportunity   Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:35 pm

Ryoushi stood before the Sand Village wearing a black cloak to hide who he was as the whole world thought he was dead. "The Kazekage is at the Leaf so he won't be able to stop this." said Ryoushi under his breath as he made a few hand signs and bit his thumb. He then slammed his hands down into the ground and used his summoning jutsu.

"Bahamut, I summon you" yelled Ryoushi and a giant dragon appeared in front of him. Ryoushi jumped unto Bahamuts back and they took off over The Sand Village. The dragon began to breath out giant bursts of fire and bolts of lightning as he and his master passed over the village. After 10 passes and most of the village destroyed, Ryoushi and the dragon took off toward their new home, the Akatsuki secret hideout, satisfied that the Sand Village would not be in any condition to help anybody else. On top of that he had used a jutsu that others had seen him use before. This would plant the seeds of betrayal and cause the sand to believe that the leaf faked the destruction of their own village in order to destroy the sand...especially after Ryoushi paid a little visit to the most likely now deserted Konoha.

(in case you need to know, here is what Bahamut looks like and his abilities)

Name: Bahamut
Type: Dragon
Title: King of the Dragons
Powers: Can breath fire and lightning as well as fly. He is immune to fire attacks and can smell out an opponent better then any dog. He also has spikes on his tail as well as claws on his front and back legs. His wing span is 50 feet for each wing allowing him to carry immensely heavy loads while flying as well as displace enough air to create a large gust of wind so powerful it can level trees. All other dragons will obey his orders without question with the exception of his evil sister Tiamaht.


Ryoushi Hanshou. Hokage and medical specialist.
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PostSubject: Re: Attack of Opportunity   Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:13 pm

Pendo rushed into the Sand Village looking at all of the destruction. Noone was killed which made Pendo happy. Pendo's adviser made it to him "Get all of the buildings repaired and get some witnesses to my office, immediately!" Pendo shouted, an angry tone in his voice.
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Attack of Opportunity
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