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Bleach/Naruto Two RPG's for the price of
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Toshiro Azibara Kazura


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PostSubject: Boooooooooooooooored!!!!!!!!   Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:14 pm

Here's the Deal, it's like king of the hill, only with a mountain, alot bigger....:

Forming various hand signs, he places his palms onto the ground, creating a large, snow-covered mountain in the place of chakra.

He places a flag with his clan symbol on the cloth part of the clan, "My Mountain!"

For the love of your family, For the love of your clan, for your loved ones, Protect them no matter what, for they are precious to you, only some, may survive, some may not, so cherish each moment with your family, and hope, they'll be there tomorrow.

-Toshiro Kazura-
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