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 Story of the Chaos Clan's Downfall Ten years ago.

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Toshiro Azibara Kazura


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PostSubject: Story of the Chaos Clan's Downfall Ten years ago.   Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:26 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~[Toshiro's Tale]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The rain of the Clouds overhead pound against the cold, concrete ground, pounding against the hard tin roofs, and the people below it, cold and shivering, a large mass of shadow quickly moves over the clan household roofs. He shifted his gaze to the sky, hearing a small "Cling" with a steel roof tile, the person next to him saying, "You alright dude?" looking with a concerned expression. "I'm fine" I said, looking back to the door before him, turning the knob and walking through it, closing it on the way in.

"Welcome home Toshiro, have some dinner while you're here..." Nazima, Toshiro's mother, said, smiling with her positive expression. "No thanks mom, I'm too tired to eat..." I said, walking through the hallway and up the stairs, stopping at his bedroom door, 'What was that, i felt couldn't be...' I thought to myself, thinking of the moving shadow i saw earlier. I had no idea what that shadow was, but i had a feeling i was going to find out soon, real soon. Walking into my room, i find my close friend, Sasina, a friend from back to the academy days, she has always been there for me, when i was hurt, no matter what. She had a small blush on her expression, looking to me then the floor, a small shy smile showing, i was thinking one thing, so i walked up to her, sitting down on the bed next to her. "Hi Sasina, How was your day today?" i said to her in my voice, smiling lightly. "I've been good...Toshiro, do you mind if i ask you something?"

"Sure" i said softly, looking to her eyes with my small curious expression. The next thing i knew, i was knocked fully out, all i could remember was being knocked on the head, as if by a steel bar, a cold steel bar, i might have been shivering lightly, but then got a bit warmer as i was unconscious.

I woke the next morning, finding myself only half dressed, only a pair of pure black jeans and my necklace i wore always, never taking it off, not even for a shower, except when i clean it. As i sat up, i noticed my necklace shining lightly in the sun, knowing something i don't. So i peeked inside the small crystal, (Not saying anything that would happen, it's Inappropriate for most audience Razz), after looking back out of the crystal, i almost passed out again, only this time, by myself.

Four more days pass, a heavy rain pouring over the clan's roof's with intensity, a large blast is heard from even the farthest parts of the village, the center of the clan houses burst into a heavy flame. I sat up as fast as i could from my bed, hearing the large blast of chakra, feeling the presence of the shadow he felt five days before.

Many Village Anbu scatter to the point of the Fire, instantly slaughtered with a surge of crimson chakra, bursting through the grounds as if it was just paper with a large fire, scorching through the houses. I jumped from the bedroom, heading downstairs with my speed, removing the leg weights on my arms and legs, moving to my top speed, stopping at the bottom of the stairs, my eyes widen with what i saw.

A large akatsuki cloaked figure stands in the center of the living room, facing away from my direction, then to my own direction, a large smirk on the male's expression. I almost teared up as it saw my closest sister in the male's left arm, unconscious. "What do you want with Kairi!?" i shouted to the Male, tears flowing down my cheeks. "I want her eyes, now buzz off kid." the man said, shifting his right palm to his side, then noticing my eyes, turning to the Second stage, the highest i could go at that time. "Well well well, Toshiro Kazura...The Prodigy of the Kazura clan." he said, chuckling lightly. "Yo-You know me?" i said, studdering lightly in fear.

"Of course i know you, You have the same eyes your father had..." he said, smirking a bit to an evil look. "M-my father..." i said, looking to the ground, clenching my fists tightly, "So your the one who kill~"

"Yes, it was me all along, the infamous kekkei genkai thief of the person" he said, chuckling heavily. " monster!!!" i said, lunging forward, my left fist raised high. "Too slow..." the man said, slamming his right fist into my gut, making my cringe in pain, "Foolish child, you can't match against me..." he said with his dark voice, "Now die while i take your precious sister's eyes..."

At the moment, the Akatsuki let go of his grip, leaning forward in extreme pain, my right fist slamming through his stomach like a knife through butter, a large amount of white chakra, shaped like a curved blade, shining through his back and stomach area, blood flowing down the man's mouth. "Heh..Good job Toshiro, but too weak!" he shouted, slamming his left fist into my chest, making me cough up blood on the impact, sending me backwards into the wall, moving forwards into the ground as i fall from the impalement of the wall. "Your weak, just like your father..." the man said, picking up kairi once more, holding her in his right arm this time.

"No..." i said, standing up, holding my right arm, "I used the first gate on you that time" holding my arms down at my sides, "Now it's time for the second..."

The man's eyes widened, "The Six gates of power, this can't be...Heh you still can't beat me..." he said, smirking largely. "I don't have to, i just want my sister back..." i said, moving my right palm to my face, reciting the words, "Seki Iyake!" as the man's eyes widened once more as i said, "KAI!" A burst of white chakra exploding from my body, surrounding myself in my own energy, slamming my right fist to the head of the man, sending him backwards with kairi falling onto the soft floor.

I picked up kairi fast-like, rounding up the survivors of the clan, moving out to only find that the youngest had survived, so i only had one choice, run from the Akatsuki, and never return to the village again, Little did i expect the akatsuki to wake up from unconsciousness so early. The man stood in front of the path, kairi within my arms, still unconscious. "Your not getting away from my boy, not hand over the girl..." he said, this time within a darker, more fearful voice, "Now."

I tossed kairi to my younger brother, Ranmayu, saying within my serious voice, "Go Ranmayu! Run from here! I'll take care of him!" moving my arms in a position of attack, facing the Akatsuki. "But Toshir~" Ranmayu began to say. "GO!" i shouted, chakra forming around me with intense strength, "I can only hold him off so long! now go!!"

He nodded, shifting from sight as i face the akatsuki, using my special, "Area of the Moon" Genjutsu, keeping the man from escaping this fight. "So, you want to die like your father, and the rest of your clan." he said, motioning his palms to his side, amused at the sight. "No, I'm going to stop you, here and now..." i said, motioning my palms into several hand seals, reciting the words, "Ranmyaku Shitsunen!!!" as the man's eyes widen, knowing this attack too well. "!!" as a blast of white chakra tore through the Walls of the Genjutsu, shattering through the ground, blinding the rest of the area in a bright, white light. Ranmayu, far away from the fight, sees a large pillar of white chakra raise from the field of battle, blasting through the clouds above them all within a few short moments of a large explosion, a wave of power strikes over them all within two seconds, brushing hundreds of trees from the spot of impaction, sending myself flying through the trees, sweeping past my sisters and brothers, hundreds of trees crash against my back, feeling tons of pain with each new tree.

Sasina, my old friend, caught me within the Fifteen hundredth tree slamming against my back, slowly fading out from consciousness, looking up to Sasina above me, holding me laying down on a tree branch, brushing my hand against her cheek, then fading out to unconsciousness.

The next thing i knew, i was laying within a large hospital bed, almost what i saw as my vision was returning, i saw five medical ninja, all wearing white medical-nin suits, moving their chakra along my arms and torso, trying to heal my chakra. One of them noticed my conscious expression, notifying the other ones of my regained self. I brushed my bandaged hand against my hair, realizing this, i looked at it, feeling a large burn pass through my system, one of the doctors pushing my arms back down to my side, saying with the bright voice, "Rest, you'll need it..."

Even if i knew the medical ninja was a female, i still faded consciousness with the loss of my chakra, tilting my head to the side, the nurse shouting with her voice, fading as i was losing my consciousness, "Hurry up with that medical ninja! Now!" as the voice faded away, my mind racing through the memories of the past as i slept.

~~~~~~~~~~[To be Continued]~~~~~~~~~~

For the love of your family, For the love of your clan, for your loved ones, Protect them no matter what, for they are precious to you, only some, may survive, some may not, so cherish each moment with your family, and hope, they'll be there tomorrow.

-Toshiro Kazura-
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Story of the Chaos Clan's Downfall Ten years ago.
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