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Ryoushi Hanshou

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PostSubject: Template   Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:19 pm


Age: (how old are you)

Type: (Human, Soul Reaper or Hollow)


Appearance: (a description or picture of what you look like. Hollows include masks or mask fragments for Arrancar.)

Released state: (Arrancar only)

Personality: (Give a basic description of your personality)


Powers: (Give a description of your powers. If your a non-combatant put N/A)

Weapons: (Give a description of your weapons. Soul Reapers and Arrancar describe your Zanpakuto and the Zanpakuto releases. Humans describe what tech you use or your spiritual weapon if thats the case. Quincy, what kind of weapons do you use.)

Character History: (Give a description of your characters past)
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